Monday, February 9, 2009

The University Orchestra

Wow! This was a very cool experience! I have never been to an orchestra before and this was something that I probably would have never gone to on my own, but being "forced" to in a sense, was actually good for me. Thank you!

My favorite instruments in the performance were the flute and the trumpet. I felt like peaceful and kept picturing butterflies when I heard the flute and thought about war movies such as "Saving Private Ryan" when I heard the trumpet. For some reason, these two instruments hit me the hardest and I feel like I appreciated them the most.

The first piece was amazing! Lei Weng and Jonathan Bellman are phenominal pianists! It was very cool to be able to see them in person. They played so calm and gentle, almost as if it were something second nature to them (which it probably is.) This piece was very interesting, although this was probably my least favorite, because it didn't have very much trumpet in it. As well as it was played, it came in as number three on my list.

The second piece was great! Natalie's ability is breathtaking! I have never listened that closely to any instruments, but especially the violin. She has great talent and did an awesome job! The "preview" piece the orchestra played on that one was very interesting. I actually liked the third movement, although it was nothing like the first and second movements. It was energetic, chaotic, and full of energy. It kept me on my toes! My heart almost seemed as if it was racing when intermission began because it was so intense. This piece was my second favorite.

The third piece was my favorite! I loved this one! It had so much flute and trumpet in it, that it really kept me interested and excited because it had my two favorite instruments. I liked how upbeat it was. It had a couple quiet, slow parts, but I felt it was, for the most part, upbeat and used all the instruments as much as possible. I loved the flute solos. The second movement was my favorite out of all four movements of this piece though.

Throughout all the pieces, I kept imagining movies. Certain movies and scenes with each instrument and frequencies. One distinct one that I remember was in the last piece, throughout almost the whole thing, it had certain parts that reminded me of someone walking and then a cat (or dog, or some animal or person) creeping up behind them and then when the strings would come in, the animal (or person) would hide behind a rock, bush, tree, or some kind of shelter. Then when the person would begin to walk again, they would jump out and follow them again, and when the person would turn around to look for anybody, they would hide again. (If any of that makes sense?)

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